15 Romantic Fantasy Novels That Will Sweep You Away

Romantic Fantasy is one of my favorite book genres. I love getting lost in a new fantasy world. Add in some romance to the plot and consider me hooked. Whether you are already a fan of this genre or want to try something new, I’ve rounded up 15 romantic fantasy novels that are sure to get you hooked.

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Why Diversity in Novels is Important

The Importance of Diversity in Novels by Rose Szabo The first time I ever heard about being gay was the short story “Am I Blue?” by Bruce Coville, from a collection of children’s fantasy stories. It’s about a boy named Vince who gets beaten up by a bully who thinks he’s gay, who then gets…

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Where to Find Bookish Goods for Any Book Lover

With so many stores online, it can be hard to find quality items. Shopping becomes even more challenging when looking for a specific niche of goods. As a lover of bookish goods, I’ve been keeping track of my favorite shops. Today I’m sharing where to find bookish goods for any book lover.

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