Bookish Clothing to Wear this Fall

I’ll be honest, I wear sweaters year round. But there is something about the fall aesthetic and wearing clothing to fit the autumn season. I can’t get enough of those dark neutral and jeweled tones. Because this site is all about books, I went in search of book-themed clothes that will be perfect for fall.

Horror Novels Sweatshirt

Horror novels sweatshirt

This cute sweatshirt looks super comfy and comes in a variety of colors. $28.80+ (Etsy – AdreasBargLTD)

Skeleton TRB Shirt

My TBR will be the Death of Me tshirt

This t-shirt made me chuckle. Probably because it’s true. $24.31+ (Etsy – Caffeineandcurses)

Imagine the Possibilities Skirt

imagine the possibilities book skirt

I love a good skirt and this one is giving me fall vibes. Also, I can’t have too many knee length skirts for work. $69.00 (Modcloth)

Dark Academia Sweatshirt

Dark academia sweatshirt

Another sweatshirt to snuggle up in. This one is inspired by dark academia which is an aesthetic I can get behind. $32.80+ (Etsy – StudioAMARIE)

The Raven Tights

The Raven poem tights

You definitely won’t see these tights everywhere. What a cool idea. $26.90+ (Etsy – colinedesign)

Autumn Reader Shirt

autumn reader long sleeve shirt

This long sleeve shirt has such a beautiful design. $19.99 (Bas Bleu)

Fall is My Favorite T-Shirt

fall is my favorite, tshirt

This pretty much sums up my favorite things about fall. $19.99+ (Etsy – lovelightandgrace)

Boooks T-shirt

Boooooks t-shirt design

The shirt design is adorable. It would be great for Halloween. $9.90+ (Etsy – Homiusmess)

Skeleton Reader Tee

skeleton reader long sleeve shirt

This design is very unique and will be sure to get attention. $29 (Inkwell Threads)

Book Print Dress

book print dress

Are dresses more your taste? Try this wonderful book print dress. $65.34 (Joanie)

Fall Vibe Joggers

bookish fall vibe joggers

I’ve been looking for some new pants to lounge in and this looks like the perfect pair. $47.00 + (The Bookish Shop)

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