5 Authors Who Write Dark Romance Books

Are you looking for the best dark romance books? Love reading these twisted novels? Maybe you’ve heard about this subgenre and want to try it out. I’m with you.

Dark romance can be a nice escape, and as more novels in this genre emerge, it can be hard to find a place to start. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of five authors who are sure to deliver. Even better, these authors have multiple series, so you have plenty of adventures to choose from.

But before we dive into the list, let’s discuss what precisely dark romance is?

What is Dark Romance?

Dark romance is a fiction subgenre. It combines elements of romance with the macabre—characters in dark romance cross moral lines. This genre has evolved, initially including gothic elements. Now you can think of it as a cross between romance, suspense, and erotica.

In this genre, the main love interest is an anti-hero. They are mean and ruthless, usually influential in business and physical strength. The relationships typically have a power imbalance or start without consent.

Dark romance may include the following elements:

  • violence and murder
  • psychological and/or physical abuse
  • sexual assault and rape
  • kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome
  • torture
  • revenge scenarios
  • BDSM or taboo sexual activity
  • bargaining

You will still find typical romantic tropes in dark romance books, such as redemption and instant connections. Since it is romance, a happy ending between the lovers is usually a given.

Dark romance is not a genre for everybody, but it can be extremely entertaining.

Warning: Dark romance novels contain topics that are suitable for all. If you have trigger warnings related to abuse, sexual assault, and violence, then these titles are not for you.

Still interested? The dive right in and try out these dark romance authors.

5 Fantastic Dark Romance Authors

Pepper Winters

Penelope Sky

Aleatha Romig

Anna Zaires

Charmaine Pauls

Did I miss someone? Let me know who you favorite dark romance authors are.