Sister of the Chosen One by Colleen Oakes & Erin Armknecht | Review

Sister of the Chosen One book cover

Sister of the Chosen One by Erin Armknecht & Colleen Oakes

Fantasy, Young Adult

September 22, 2020

284 pages


Valora Rigmore understands pressure. As the Chosen One (resident telekinetic, superstar and model girlfriend) her life revolves around it. According to an ancient prophesy, Valora is destined to fight Erys, a terrifying individual with the power to control monsters. Valora is worshipped at school, in the press and by her parents, but as the battle with Erys looms near, the cracks in her perfect façade are beginning to show.

Her twin, Grier Rigmore understands disappointment. A curvy bookworm perpetually in the shadow of her sister’s legacy, Grier’s life is one long humiliation after another. However, as Valora’s fandom reaches an unbearable fever pitch, an interesting new boy and a clever teacher spark Grier’s curiosity about her own powerful gifts.

When Grier’s star begins to rise, so do more questions, like: who is truly the Chosen One, and will two sisters at odds survive long enough to understand the answer?

Best described as Harry Potter meets Mindy Kaling, Sister of the Chosen One is a darkly funny, female empowered YA epic about siblings struggling to connect with each other, free themselves of labels and save the world in the process.


I was provided a free digital copy of this novel through YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

Initially drawn to the cover of this book, and then the synopsis, I decided to give this book a read. I am so glad I did because I loved this novel.

Told from the perspectives of twin sisters, Valora and Grier, Sister of the Chosen One masterfully weaves an action story with personal struggles. As time passes, we see events unfold through the eyes of both sisters. Sometimes scenes slightly overlap, which was interesting, but I think it worked with the narrative.

The heart of this story is the sisters. Both characters are well-rounded and extremely relatable. Even with the fantastical elements, these are two teenagers who are looking for understanding. I felt for these characters and found myself relating to their feelings.

The people in this story have magical powers, to a degree, and are gearing up for a fight with the big bad. Although this has fantasy elements, I think that many readers would enjoy it. It was an exciting look into different abilities and a world filled with magic and monsters.

I did find some plot points predictable from very early on. However, since this wasn’t part of the central theme, I’m willing to overlook it.

Overall, I think this was very well put together. It kept my interest from the beginning and brought forth many emotions. I wish I had a book like this when I was a teen. I’m sure this is a standalone novel, which makes me sad because I would be very interested in reading more about these characters and their adventures.

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